Saskatchewan: 2009 Coldest Year on Record?

2009 Coldest Year on Record?
August 19, 2009

Nine months in a row of below normal temperatures in Saskatchewan

2009 could very well be the coldest year on record for Saskatchewan.


One Response to “Saskatchewan: 2009 Coldest Year on Record?”

  1. Peter Marrier

    As I recall, the cold temperatures occurred across most of Canada in the early to middle part of 2009 (I live in Winnipeg, and we experienced the same thing here), but that temperatures returned to higher values towards the end of the year. This was very much a regional phenomenon, as most of the rest of the world experienced near record breaking high temperatures, and overall 2009 was one of the ten hottest years since record keeping began. I wonder if the eruption of Mount Redoubt in Alaska contributed to the lower temperatures that we experienced in this part of the world.

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