USA Temps: 868 Lowest Max temps and 651 Low temps recorded for week ending 19 July 2009 – Updated

USA Temps: 868 Lowest Max temps and 651 Low temps recorded for week ending 19 July 2009

Update 22 July 2009:
Further records have been broken!
1077 Lowest max temps and 856 Low temps for week ending Tue 21 July
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HAMweather, July 20, 2009

Record Events for Mon Jul 13, 2009 through Sun Jul 19, 2009
Total Records: 2481
Rainfall: 441
High Temperatures: 204
Low Temperatures: 651
Lowest Max Temperatures: 868
Highest Min Temperatures: 317


5 Responses to “USA Temps: 868 Lowest Max temps and 651 Low temps recorded for week ending 19 July 2009 – Updated”

  1. Jerry

    Global warming is just another means of scamming the American public out of $Billions and bringing on global federalism. It is hard to believe that so many people bite on whatever line the far left comes up with. Hitler said, “tell a lie long enough and the people will believe it.” He may have been insane, but he certainly had that part down.

  2. Jay Usher

    Man-Made Global Warming is a scam!! I do believe in Natural Global Warming-Sunspot Cycles which Cause warming like back in the 1950s and 1980s/1990s or Global Cooling caused by a drop off in sunspots which caused cooling in the 1960s & 1970s or what we have been going through since the El-Nino Warming/Sunspot Max Warming peak of 1998! As for C02?? There is NO-RELATION between increasing C02 levels and Temperature rise!!! Matter of fact C02 levels have continued to RISE the PAST 10-Years at the same time Global Temperatures have FALLEN!!! Dont believe what the government & Al Gore is trying to sell you!!! The proof is in the pudding!!!

  3. Mike Mitchell

    I think we are getting close to that point on the path of progress where we need to start pushing things to a new level. Over the last few years we’ve been presenting a wide variety and ever increasing number of examples of solid contradictory evidence to AGW theory while solid evidence that CO2 makes any measurable impact on climate remains at, precisely, .. zero. We’ve also been witnessing an increasing rate of the number of otherwise respectable scientists, those who initially believed AGW theory had some degree of credibility, changing their mind and stating that they no longer share that belief. On top of those, we’ve witnessed revelations of enormous carbon scam pay-offs, political and cultist connections, financial institution manipulations, government obstruction and ‘adjustment’ of data, whistleblower punishment, and, recently thanks to Joanne Nova, a compilation that total spending on ‘climate’ is nearing $80 BILLION, (that’s with ‘B’ folks!), etc. – all occurring in support of the AGW scam exactly per Eisenhower’s warning to us of WHY something like an AGW scam should be “gravely regarded”.

    So what is next my friends? Considering all of the fine work that has been accomplished by good people all over the planet for little or no compensation to thrash this monster back to hell where it came from – I’m proud to say that I think it is working and we’ve turned the corner. In my opinion, the two remaining bastions of AGW support appear to be made up of politicians and main stream media. Politicians can be voted out of office, (I hope!), and that leaves us with all those alphabet news networks, including even FOX and public broadcasting such as the BBC and PBS, who for whatever reason(s) blindly and steadfastly adhere to the idea that some ‘green revolution’ is still in progress and everything will be great when we freeze the planet and eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere, (after all.. the huge majority of broadcast ‘journalists’ cannot say that they pursued a career in broadcasting because they were good at math, science and logic).

    I absolutely do NOT suspect or accuse all media of being ‘in the bag’ for liberals and Al Gore, or being part of some huge conspiracy, etc. But one thing is very certain, there is no one thing more intractable on this earth than pride and here we are speaking of people who already tote around egos of such gigantic proportions it’s a wonder that some of them can even fit their heads through a doorway.

    People like Bill O’Reilly or Brian Williams, or Charlie Gibson or Larry King, etc.; these appear to be honest people who simply are not scientifically smart enough to ponder their way through the flood of scientific jargon and rhetoric in order to separate science from junk science on their own. On top of that there is money. For example, NBC is owned by General Electric who made a heavy financial commitment to ‘green’ technology and is doing what all big companies do – guarding their ROI anyway they can including lobbying and political donations. GE is also heavily dependent on US tax payer money in terms of military contracts. Both add up to the fact that GE is VERY unlikely to change their ‘green’ agenda when they have both feet firmly in that canoe. So, of these top level TV network news reporters, even if they suspect AGW might be a fraud, who among us would risk losing a seven figure salary by mentioning their skepticism? I can’t honestly say that I would myself!

    So, if you were one of them, what is ‘it’ that would shake you out of your AGW tree; force your to fall back to earth fracturing your pride along the way and admit that you were wrong? Answer that question and I think we will finally begin to smell the sweet scent of victory.

  4. workaday joe

    “Weather” is not “climate”. Woe to those who conflate the two. Scientist or layperson, climate change skeptic or not, Left or Right.

  5. workaday joe

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