CHICAGO: July so far the second coldest in history

July One Of Coldest On Record In Chicago
Jul 17, 2009

Summer has been elusive in Chicago–and July is so far the second coldest in history.

The average temperature so far this month has been 77.8 degrees–far off the average of mid-80s for this time of year. The coldest July ever was in 1967 when the average temperature was 76.5 degrees.

Another rarity for July in Chicago: We have failed to reach 90 degrees at any time. Two days have had highs only in the mid-60s.


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One Response to “CHICAGO: July so far the second coldest in history”

  1. Storage Dan

    I live in Chicago, just north, and this cool summer has been great! We’re from San Diego and this reminds me of the mid-70 weather there. I lived in Chicago in 95 – the one where we had rolling blackouts throughout the city for 2-3 days at time because of hot 100 degrees and humidity. It was brutal. Over 600 people died, mostly elderly and babies left in parked cars. This summer is a real contrast to that.

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