Winter 08/09 – Officially a Record Breaker

Winter 08/09 – Officially a Record Breaker
June 10th, 2009

…The prevailing cold sets winter 08/09 apart from the two preceding winters. It wasn’t remarkably cold but temperatures remained largely below average from December through to the end of February. The cold meant the snow base was preserved until the very end of the season and that conditions were excellent even at mid-mountain level. Record breaking snow depths were recorded all season, particularly in  resorts on the Franco-Italian border such as Isola and Montgenevre…

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One Response to “Winter 08/09 – Officially a Record Breaker”

  1. Climate Chaos

    Notice the reduced irradiance from the sun? Yet this is not reported in the main stream. Read on the Maunder and Dalton minimums.

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