Record-cold temperatures throughout Saskatchewan

Record-cold temperatures throughout Saskatchewan

28 February 2009

While it may feel to some like the longest, coldest winter in history, it’s not. Thursday, however, was one for the books throughout Saskatchewan.

The cold snap set records across the province. In Meadow Lake, a new benchmark of -43.8 C was established for Feb. 26, beating the previous record of -40 C set in 1996. Nipawin (-37 C) and Wynyard (-34.6 C) also set records Thursday. On Friday morning Broadview (-41.9 C), Assiniboia (-30.9 C) and Wynyard (-34.8 C) set new standards.



One Response to “Record-cold temperatures throughout Saskatchewan”

  1. Sylvia

    I remember as a child and pre teen January and February as being extremely cold weather months with temperatures in the -40F ( and higher with wind)and lasting what seemed to be the whole 2 months with little to no let up. I have tried to find records of this but seem to be looking in all the wrong places. I was wondering do you have any records in the years between 1957 – 1966

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