Polar bear enjoys cold weather

Polar bear enjoys cold weather

9 January 2009

The weather across Europe may be more akin to the Arctic, but at least one resident of the Berlin Zoo is enjoying the icy temperatures.

Berlin’s legendary polar bear, Knut, was in his element in the snow and ice, playing ball with zoo visitors and wandering around his enclosure.

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2 Responses to “Polar bear enjoys cold weather”

  1. Dash RIPROCK

    Al Gore very recently said that the northern polar ice cap will be completely gone in five years. To view the video, visit my site and click on the picture of Al Gore holding up five fingers.


    It seems like a rather risky prediction on his part. In five years, if it doesn’t happen, he’ll either have to admit he was wrong or take credit for saving the planet. Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder which one he’ll do???

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