Australia: Winter strikes Victoria

Australia: Winter strikes Victoria
January 2, 2009

…Temperatures across Victoria today have been remarkably low, with highs falling to 12 below average in many places. Notably Melbourne only reached 18.6 degrees, seven below average and there has not been a colder daytime temperature in January for 13 years. Temperatures fell below zero for some areas such as Mt Hotham which managed to hit minus four overnight. Indeed, temperatures are again forecast to dip right across southern Victoria tonight and if Melbourne, as expected only reaches nine degrees, it could be the coldest January night in fifteen years…

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One Response to “Australia: Winter strikes Victoria”

  1. Dash

    Al Gore has really stepped in some deep global warming do do. He has guaranteed the world that the northern polar ice cap will be gone in five years. I couldn’t believe it either till I saw the video.

    To view is comments on video, visit the following site:
    then click on Mr. Gore’s pic.
    Happy viewing. You might also want to watch “The Great Global Warming Swindle” found in the video section.

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