Early snowfalls in Europe hit Historic Levels

Early snowfalls in Europe hit Historic Levels

December 7, 2008

  • 20 year record snowfall in Dolomites enough to last all season
  • Some Swiss train services cancelled due to excess snow
  • Still more heavy snow in the Pyrenees
  • More snow for Scotland

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3 Responses to “Early snowfalls in Europe hit Historic Levels”

  1. Lance Nelson

    Yup, I can say for sure Bansko last weekend was disappointing. but snow has arrived and temperatures dropped. The partying has been hard in Bansko for students and ex students. A unique spectacle in a ski resort me thinks,

  2. BrianRS

    Yes the snow has been great for skiers and snowboarders alike in the Pyrenees, I guess it has caused a bit of disruption for the rest of the population but mostly in the mountains and they would be used to dealing with snow I would guess. I have had to buy my first ever set of snowchains so I can get to the resorts without worrying I may not be able to get back down the mountain.

  3. Marguerita los Anjos

    I think this snow has to be in the realm of the imagination and a media myth.

    Everyone knows the climate is getting warmer.


    I believe it’s called global warming.

    But what a hoot if it’s really getting colder!

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