Arctic Blast Set To Freeze Britain

Arctic Blast Set To Freeze Britain
November 18, 2008

Heavy snow and freezing gales are forecast to hit the UK this weekend as the country gets a blast of Arctic weather.

Blizzards are predicted for Scotland and most of the eastern coast of England, where temperatures could drop as low as -5C.

The Met Office is warning of heavy snow showers and biting winds of up to 70mph in exposed coastal and hilly areas.

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One Response to “Arctic Blast Set To Freeze Britain”

  1. chasalex

    I was interested to find this blog. I believe one consequence of global warming was predicted to be that the Gulf Stream, which affords Britain, inter alia, a relatively benign climate, would be disrupted. 20 years ago I had a book published on different economic concepts to point the way to a sustainable world economy. Someone who liked the book contacted me this year to suggest that I update and re-publish it as a blog. She set up the blog, and the book is now complete on the blog in a series of postings. There are now also additional pieces on global warming and other subjects. Here is the link:

    With all good wishes,
    Charles Pierce

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